Epiphone casino bridge

epiphone casino bridge

Ok, so I learned something great from the internet. The buzzing on my Casino is actually coming from a wire in the bridge that goes across the. I'd like to upgrade the bridge and tailpiece on my MIC Epiphone Casino. Can someone direct me to the best fitting and sounding parts? Thanks. We're back in the Gearwire Studios with "Dr." Will " Epiphone " Jones, "examining" the new Epiphone bridges.


Epiphone Casino vs Epiphone Elitist Casino I had a set custom wound by Jon Moore and it made all the difference in the world and I'm not exaggerating. Someone said putting nail polish down there will also help and that if you need to superbook casino polish cracks up easliy. I love the thing now, rtl damen it wasn't bad to begin with to be honest. Ich hatte vor dem Tausch auch erwogen die Pickups zu tauschen, das ist jetzt aber gar kein Thema mehr. Der ABM-Steg stellt also tatsächlich eine hörbare Bereicherung für den Ton meiner Epiphone Casino und sicher auch für andere Klampfen dar. Für Druckfehler und Irrtümer wird keine Haftung übernommen. epiphone casino bridge


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